Your Changing Emotions Why Am I Experiencing Such Highs And Lows

Your Changing Emotions Why Am I Experiencing Such Highs And Lows

Your Changing Emotions Why Am I Experiencing Such Highs And Lows

How am I supposed to feel now that I am pregnant

source link Just as no two women are the same, there is no set emotional response to pregnancy. Pregnancy heightens the emotional you have probably never felt so elated and yet so fearful. You may now find yourself moved at the sight of babies, or weeping over bad news on the television. You may daydream about your baby or feel anxious about the future. It can feel like being on an emotional seesaw.

We planned this baby, yet my first reaction was to cry. Why?

trading binary demo Mixed emotions are normal, so don’t feel that something is wrong if you are not happy all through pregnancy. There is a big difference between wanting a baby and finding out that you are pregnant. A baby changes your lifestyle, and even women who have longed for a child will feel some pangs over the potential loss of freedom.

All I ever think about now is my pregnancy, Am I being obsessive

go to site As your pregnancy progresses, your thoughts may turn inwards, especially if this is your first baby. It is a natural reaction to be filled with wonder at your growing body. Don’t worry about being a ” baby bore”, if you enjoy your pregnancy, then revel in it.Share your thoughts with your partner so that he is involved in what is happening.

I keep forgetting things, is this because I am pregnant

follow link Opinions differ on this. Some health professional declares that absent-mindedness during pregnancy is largely exaggerated, as many women are able to hold down jobs throughout their pregnancy. Some women report that this mental vagueness is one of their most obvious symptoms. Whether or not you feel this way, there is no need to feel anxious about it. Writing lists and notes to yourself may help.

I have vivid dreams, especially of losing my baby, is this an omen

follow No, many mothers-to-be report having colorful dreams, some of these are happy, others are more like nightmares. These dreams probably reflect your heightened emotions and uncertainty about the future, but you should not worry about them. It is also probable that your sleep pattern is fairly disturbed, so you are more likely to remember any dreams you have.

I am sure something is wrong with my baby, is this a normal feeling

forex konto clearingnummer Anxieties about the future often translate into fears for the health of your unborn child. Most pregnant women worry at some stage that their baby will be born with something wrong, despite having had tests that indicate there are no problems. This may be because they have had a previous miscarriage, or because there is a family history of abnormalities. Some mothers who have already had one normal baby fear they will not be lucky the next time, others just cannot believe that they will produce a perfect child. If routine tests are all clear, it is unlikely that there is anything wrong. However, you should remember that no matter how many tests you have, there is no absolute guarantee that there will be no problems. if you are particularly worried or concerned, talk to your doctor or midwife about it.

I can’t wait to have my baby. Why do I feel so impatient?

see By the time you have reached the last few weeks, you will probably feel as if you have been pregnant forever. It has been a long nine month’s wait and the closer you get to your due date, the more impatient you are likely to be for labor to start and the baby to be born. Try to relax and to wait for calmly.

Why do I want to redecorate the baby’s room in my condition

enter site Towards the end of their pregnancy, many women feel an intense urge to redecorate the baby’s room, go shopping for baby clothes or clean the kitchen cupboards. This is known as ”nesting” and may be a sign that your baby is due soon. If you have recently stopped working, it may be that you simply feel the need to be active, but you should try to resist tackling any very ambitious projects because you will need together with your energy for giving birth.

Why Am I experiencing Such Highs And Lows

quiero conocer chicos Huge mood swings are common in pregnancy. If you feel at the mercy of your emotions, it helps to understand why this is happening to you.

  • Hormonal developments.
  • Facing Up to change.
  • Talking to others

Hormonal Developments

source Your body is being flooded with hormones. These hormonal changes can affect you are emotional as well as your physical self. The effects vary with each stage of your pregnancy and differ from women to women. You will probably feel at your most erratic in the first months of your pregnancy, settle into a serene mid-pregnancy, then experience more ups and downs in your final weeks.

Facing Up to change

Although your hormones may be affecting your moods, it is perhaps unfair to blame your changing emotions entirely on your hormones. You are also having to come to terms with a momentous life change. Most women with children agree that having their first baby had a far greater impact on their lives than any other event, including marriage. You can’t foresee the effect that the experience of looking after and caring for a new baby will have on you and your partner. So together with pleasant daydreams and eager anticipation, you may also experience darker emotions of fear and anxiety. If you feel very depressed, however, talk to your doctor or midwife.

Talking to others

It will seem much worse if you keep your thoughts and emotions to yourself. Talk over with your partner any concerns you may have or discuss your fears at antenatal classes. You may find that other pregnant women, who seem blissfully happy on the outside, are experiencing the same anxieties and mixed emotions.