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Sitting Your Fitness Goals And Personal Fitness Plans

Sitting Your Fitness Goals And Personal Fitness Plans

Sitting Your Fitness Goals Set targets that are right for your level of fitness and choose a type of exercise you will enjoy

Choosing the right balance of activities to suit your personal objectives and putting in the appropriate amount of time and effort to suit your follow current level of fitness is the key to creating a successful exercise programme.The routine your eventually decide on should include a combination of aerobic, muscle-strengthening, and flexibility exercise.

Defining Your Objectives

Decide why you want to improve your fitness and make a note of your objectives. It will be much easier to keep yourself motivated once you are clear about your reasons for wanting to exercise more. Setting yourself realistic targets and working your way gradually towards them will help you achieve your azioni binarie ig exercise goals.

Whatever your objectives, you should devote at least interracial dating in rhode island 20 minutes of your time, three times a week, to buy Lyrica 50 mg physical activity.

A balanced routine

click here Aerobic activities, such as brisk walking or swimming, will improve your endurance, enabling you to exert yourself for longer periods without getting tired.

see url Muscle-strengthening exercises will tone up your muscles and improve your figure an posture.

click Stretching exercises will help to keep your body supple and counteract the flirt ohne kosten aches, pains, and stiffness that are the result of a sedentary, inactive lifestyle.

To reduce tension and relieve anxiety, try doing relaxation exercises. They will also help you sleep. In addition to specific relaxation routines, many sports aid relaxation as long as they are not played in a fiercely competitive way.

Keep An Exercise Diary

A daily record of the type and amount of exercise you have taken will allow you to monitor your progress. As your fitness improves you can increase the time or distance you forex banking interview questions walk, jog, cycle, swim, or row, by about 10 percent a week. If you find the next level of exercise uncomfortable, ease off a little. A week in your diary might look something like this.

para q sirve el cefadroxilo de 500 mg SUNDAY      Played bowls all afternoons.

para que sirve arcoxia etoricoxib 90 mg MONDAY     Walked to the shops and back about 40 minutes.

buy diflucan no prescription TUESDAY     Took 1/2 hour evening walk to stream.

WEDNESDAY      Cleaned windows and did your gardening.

THURSDAY      Went on a nature walk with friends.

FRIDAY           Played bowls all morning then walked home from the club.

SATURDAY          Swam with grandchildren at the local leisure center.

Ted Robinson is a 63-year-old retired surveyor whose hobbies are bowls, bridge, and bird-watching. His only health problem is some fitness in his back. Ted does not smoke and is reasonably fit. He would, however, like to become fitter in order to improve his bowls game and to get ready for a walking holiday in France during the spring bird migration.

Exercise is easy

Ted’s diary reveals that he already leads a reasonably active life. But he still wants to improve his fitness. He decides to swim twice a week to reduce stiffness in his back and to go for more evening walks. He also joins a local rambling group on their nature hikes twice a month.

Personal Fitness Plans

SAMANTHA WALKER is 13 years old, eats only junk food, and watches TV for three hours a day. She weights 14 kg(30 lb) more than she should and is teased at school. She gets breathless when running upstairs and cannot touch her toes.


You cannot force children to exercise, but you can make it fun and then they will want to take part. Children also need encouragement from their friends. Samantha’s weight problem, however, requires more than just exercise. She needs advice on her dietary habits to help her see how harmful junk food is

Fitness goals

  • Lose 9 kg (20 lb) in 12 weeks.
  • Tone muscles and reduce fat.
  • Enhance flexibility.

Exercise plan

  • Walk 2 km(1 mile) to school every day.
  • Go swimming with her family one evening a week.
  • Go with friends either to the tennis club or roller skating once a week.


GEORGE GRESTY is a 54-year-old solicitor. He smokes heavily and has not exercised properly for many years. He is 20 percent overweight. George’s doctor has advised him to stop smoking and to lose weight to help reduce his blood pressure.


George should start slowly and build up his exercise routine gradually because he is out of shape. Although George’s blood pressure is not dangerous(it was only slightly raised), he should be aware of the warning symptoms of overstraining his heart, such as chest pain and palpitations.

Fitness goals

  • Start taking exercise.
  • Lose 14 kg (30 lb) over the next 4-6 months.
  • Stop smoking.

Exercise plan

  • A daily walk, gradually increasing speed and distance.
  • A supervised session in the multigym with two colleagues twice a week.
  • Swim with his wife and children at the weekend.


ELSIE TAYLOR, 68 has mild heart failure and osteoarthritis. Joint pain and stiffness have made it impossible for her to go outdoors unaided. Although cooking and housework are hard to manage, Elsie wants to stay independent.


Elsie asks her doctor if exercise would help. The doctor advises her to do gentle loosening-up, stretching, and strengthening movements. They should also help her heart condition, but she should ease up if she starts to get very tired or out of breath. Special gadgets can make housework and cooking easier.

Fitness goal

  • Improve her joint mobility and muscle strength.
  • Maintain her balance and coordination.

Exercise plan

  • Exercise at home, doing arm swings, shoulder rolls, body stretches, and ankle rotations.
  • Attend a day center once a week for an ”exercise for the elderly” session.


JOANNE BESFORD is a 29-year-old shop assistant who works six days a week. She suffers from aching legs and swollen ankles in the evening. Although Joanne does not play any sport, she would like to go on a skiing holiday in two months time.


Lack of fitness can cause skiing injuries. Unfit people fatigue quickly, making injury far more likely. To get fitter, Joanne should take a walk on her lunch break and use the stairs, not the lift. In addition to exercise, Joanne’s leg symptoms would be helped by wearing support hose while at work.

Fitness goal

  • Get fit for her skiing holiday.
  • Prevent some of her unpleasant leg and ankle symptoms.

Exercise plan

  • Join a health club. Attend three sessions a week.
  • Leg exercise programme morning and evening.
  • When standing for long periods, Joanne should alternately push her toes, then heels, up off the floor.