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Natural Cure Juices For Self-Healing

Natural Cure Juices For Self-Healing

In 1958, in his seminal book watch A CANCER THERAPY, Dr. Max Gerson wrote, ” It is becoming more and more important that organically grown fruit and vegetables will be, and must be, used for the protection against degenerative disease and the prevention of cancer”. But it is only now that we are beginning to understand the mechanisms by which plants promote our health and well-being.

International research has shown conclusively that increasing our consumption of source url fresh fruit and vegetables has a massive impact on our capacity to resist disease. From the prevention of evtrader cancer, heart disease and diabetes to protecting us from diverticulitis, hypertension, hemorrhoids and gallstones, a diet rich in plant food is an inexpensive, practical way to avoid illness and increase vitality. This is because fresh fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, naturally occurring substances produced by plants to protect themselves from disease and insect damage, which have watch powerful, beneficial effects on human health.

Energy juices, such as those in this book, offer the maximum opportunity to benefit from enter site phytochemicals with minimum time and effort. As the juices are mostly based on raw ingredients, they also provide a concentrated source of the binäre optionen 10euro mindesteinzahlung vitamins, minerals and trace elements that we need for peak performance. By using organic ingredients we avoid chemical pollution and ensure maximum nourishment as we drink.

Phytochemicals: Nature’s Health Protectors

Allium Compounds stimulate 1/2 paroxetine 20mg antioxidants, destroy bacteria.

cheap plavix 75 mg Anthocyanins are dark-colored, antioxidant chemicals in red grapes, blueberries, and cranberries. May reduce the ”stickiness” of blood platelets and help prevent blood clots.

allopurinol 800 mg Carotenoids help prevent the formation of cancer cells and may be important in determining our lifespan. They are found in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables.

Coumarins stop the formation of tumors.

Dithiolthyones help to maintain the health of cell membranes the health of cell membranes and the structure of chromosomes.

Flavonoids are antioxidant chemicals which inhibit cancer-cell growth and may help prevent hypertension.

Glucosinolates And Indoles Support the detoxifying action of the liver.

Isoflavones help control cell growth rates.

Limonene is a detoxifying chemical found in citrus fruits.

Phenols inhibit the production of carcinogens.

Protease Inhibitors help to stop the spread of tumor cells into surrounding tissues.

Saponins may help control blood cholesterol and reduce the growth rate of some tumor cells. They are found in soya products and anti-inflammatory herbs, such as chickweed.

Sterols improve the health of cell membranes and may protect against colonic cancer.

Thiocyanates protect DNA and block carcinogen activity.

Natural Healers:

The health-enhancing properties of six juice giants

Beetroot Often called ”vitality plant” is rich in folate, iron, and magnesium. Used to relieve all chronic illnesses, particularly those of the blood and immune system, it may also help the body or fight cancer.

Note: If you consume a lot of beetroots, your feces and urine may develop a reddish tint. This is harmless and will disappear if you reduce your intake of the food.

Carrot Extremely rich is carotenes (and a good source of fiber and chromium), carrots are traditionally used to treat digestive upsets and worms. Beta-carotene may help prevent cancer of the lungs, cervix and gastrointestinal tract. Carrot is also thought to boost immunity, making it useful in treating chronic viral infections such as herpes simplex.

Cranberry Long used to relieve urinary-tract infections, cranberry juice contains a phytochemical that prevents harmful bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. In addition, it has powerful antioxidant effects which may improve cardiovascular health and help to prevent cancer.

Red grape As well as containing anthocyanins, which may decrease the stickiness of blood platelets and reduce the likelihood of blood clots, red grape juice also contains a compound called reservatol, which lowers blood cholesterol and may inhibit the formation of cancer cells.

Orange and grapefruit The high vitamin C content of these fruits helps to maintain healthy blood cells and may increase resistance to viral infections. Vitamin C may also help to lower blood cholesterol and protect against breast cancer.

Note: The vitamin C in fresh-pressed citrus juice deteriorates rapidly, only press as much as you are going to drink straight away.