Hegar’s sign early pregnancy

Hegar’s sign early pregnancy

Hegar's sign early pregnancy

Hegar’s sign is one of the pregnancy symptoms. Hegar’s sign indication of pregnancy in the female. It’s not necessary that you notice Hegar’s sign its not mandatory for all female to notice Hegar’s sign.

In Hegar’s sign, you will notice softening of the cervix and the uterine. In Hegar’s sign, you will also notice cervix and uterus two separate regions.

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Hegar’s sign usually starts appearing 10 to 12 week of pregnancy. but it’s not necessary that Hegar’s sign will appear in these weeks. it may be started from 4 week to 12th week of pregnancy. so you can notice Hegar’s sign in between 4 to 12 week of pregnancy.

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Hegar’s sign was first demonstrated and describe by a German gynecologist in early 1895 and doctor name was Ernst Ludwig Alfred Hegar

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What is Hegar’s sign

Hegar’s sign is basically the softening of female lower uterus and cervix, Hegar’s sign is in early pregnancy signs. In Hegar’s sign, the lower uterine segment becomes soft. uterine is just above the cervix. In Hegar’s sign, you will notice softening of uterine. If you compressed this in between two fingers you will not feel its wall or it feels extremely thin.

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Some question about Hegar’s sign

One patient says that on the internet she search on Hegar’s sign she finds that its appearance in between 10 to 12 week of pregnancy and on some website they say it’s between pregnancy 6 to 8 week. now she is confused which one is accurate

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Our doctor explain this to her here
In pregnancy, you will notice changes in cervix and uterus you will also notice some color changes and also softening the feel.
First, you will notice Goodell’s sign. In Goodell’s sign, you will notice softening of the cervix. and after this, you will notice Chadwick’s sign. In Chadwick’s sign, you will notice more softening with some bluish color of the cervix which appears because of high blood flow and after these two Hegar’s sign will appear.

In Hegar’s sign, you will notice softening of the isthmus of the uterus. Goodell’s sign start appearing in 4 to 6 week and after this, from 6 to 8 week you will notice
at first the author had them in order: Goodell’s at 4 to 6 weeks, then Hegar’s sign will be notified at 6 to 8 week and after Hegar’s sign its Chadwick’s sign which usually appears at 8 – 12 weeks, and after these all the last one is Hegar’s sign which appears at 10 – 12 weeks.

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