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Concerns In Early Pregnancy And What Could Harm My Baby

Concerns In Early Pregnancy And What Could Harm My Baby

Concerns In Early Pregnancy And What Could Harm My Baby

We Have Longed For This Baby, So Why Am I Upset And Confused

Give yourself time to adjust to the idea of being pregnant. It is not unusual to feel confused, or to feel ecstatic one minute and scared the next. Once you accept that the coming baby is a reality, you should be able to enjoy your pregnancy to the full.

I Drank Alcohol Before I Knew I Was Pregnant, Is This Bad For My Baby

Although go site regular, excessive drinking during pregnancy is bad for your baby, the likelihood of your baby being affected by a little over-indulgence in early pregnancy is very small. Whether you are planning a pregnancy or have recently discovered that you are pregnant, it is always best to avoid alcohol.

My Cervical Smear Test Indicated An Abnormality, Is It Important

There are different degree of seriousness in smear abnormalities. However, irrespective of the degree of the abnormality, it is unlikely that you will need or be given treatment for this while you are pregnant. Nevertheless, even though treatment for abnormal smears is unusual during pregnancy, you should not ignore any smear abnormality and it is best to seek medical advice from your doctor.

I Have Had Treatment To My Cervix Will This Affect My Pregnancy

Modern treatments for an abnormal smear are very unlikely to affect your pregnancy but if you have had treatment to your Teste gratis deinen IQ und lerne kennen welche Fragen du bei einem strategia opzione binarie media mobile (Intelligenztest) erwarten kannst. Also, wie schlau bist du? cervix, you should mention this to your doctor at your first watch antenatal visit. Also, if you have had a cone biopsy (the removal of a cone-shaped area of cervical tissue), there is a slightly increased risk of having a late follow url miscarriage or of a premature labor. Most women have normal pregnancies after cone biopsies.

Do I Need Genetic Counselling

You may need advice if you are over the age of[uid]=1170 35, if you or your partner have or are carriers of a go to link genetic or chromosome disorder if you have previously had a child with a source link chromosomal or genetic problem, or tests have shown problems in the baby you are carrying.

Will My Second Pregnancy Be Like My First

In general, no two pregnancies are the same. Many women find that subsequent pregnancies are physically and go to site psychologically easier than their first. To some extent, this is because you are more aware of what to expect. Physical symptoms of early pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting, are sometimes less severe.

I Have Discovered That I Am Pregnant Accidentally

quitting keppra 750 mg while taking the pill, will this have affected the baby?

The online pharmacy no prescription hyzaar hormones in the Pill (both the combined oral contraceptive and the Mini-pill) are similar to the estrogen and progesterone that occur naturally in your body. The amount of hormones in the Pill is very small and once you stop taking it the hormones will disappear very rapidly from your body, so it is very unlikely to cause any harm to the developing baby.

fungsi obat methyl-prednisolone 4 mg While I have a coil in place, Should it be removed?

It is important to establish first that the pregnancy is in the womb rather than in a Fallopian tube, this can be established by an ultrasound scan. If the pregnancy is at an early stage, the coil is usually removed but there is a small risk of miscarriage. It is more difficult to remove the coil, later on, it may be left where it is, and the baby is usually born unharmed.

after taking the morning after pill, Has this harmed the pregnancy?

There is no evidence that the morning after pill has caused abnormalities in any babies. However, if only to set your mind at rest, you could go back to the clinic where you got the pill, have the pregnancy confirmed, and discuss any possible ill-effects, as well as whether a termination of the pregnancy is advisable.

What Could Harm My Baby

  1. Alcohol.
  2. Animals and pet litter.
  3. Chemicals, hair dyes, permanents, chlorine in pools.
  4. Cigarettes.
  5. Particular foods.
  6. Infectious illnesses.
  7. Strenuous physical activity.
  8. Stress.
  9. VDUs, microwaves, and photocopies.
  10. X-rays.

Risk To Baby

  1. Your baby’s development can be harmed by alcohol because alcohol crosses the placenta and enters into your baby’s bloodstream.
  2. Toxoplasma infection, which may cause blindness, mental retardation, and deafness.
  3. There is no evidence of any harm.
  4. Smoking more than ten cigarettes a day can reduce your baby’s birth weight and cause problems during pregnancy, labor, and your baby’s first weeks of life.
  5. Listeria bacteria found in some foods can cause miscarriage or stillbirth. Excess Vitamin A may cause birth defects. Salmonella can cause miscarriage.
  6. Chickenpox, mumps, and measles are all potentially harmful to the developing baby. German measles (rubella) may cause severe abnormalities, but most women are vaccinated against this. Genital herpes may cause severe infection in the baby after delivery.
  7. Excercise in moderation will not harm you or your pregnancy.
  8. There is no evidence of any harm.
  9. There is no evidence of any harm.
  10. It is possible that X-rays during the first 13 weeks may harm the development of your baby’s main organ systems.


  1. It is possibly best to avoid any alcohol in the first trimester. Binge drinking can be particular harm.
  2. Avoid direct skin contact with cat litter and use gloves while gardening.
  3. There is no reason to avoid swimming pools. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using dyes.
  4. Smoking should be stopped completely during pregnancy, not only does it affect the blood supply to the womb and oxygen to the baby, it also harms the mother’s lungs and circulation.
  5. Avoid pates and unpasteurized dairy products such as soft cheese. Avoid all undercooked meats and offal, especially pork, as well as raw fish(sushi). Do not eat liver or liver pate. Avoid raw or partially cooked eggs.
  6. Avoid contact with young children who may have an infection. Contracting rubella may be a reason to consider termination. If you are worried talk to your doctor. Contact your doctor if you have herpes or develop genital blisters or ulcers.
  7. It is sensible to avoid heavy lifting and any activity that involves the risk of injury. Don’t take up any new strenuous physical activity.
  8. Avoid becoming very stressed because it will add to your fatigue. It may also reduce your enjoyment of your pregnancy.
  9. Use them as you would normally.
  10. X-rays (including dental ones) aren’t usually done in the first 13 weeks. If an X-ray is necessary to make sure your doctor or X-ray technician knows you are pregnant so that a low dose of x-rays will be used.