brown discharge instead of period could i be pregnant
brown discharge instead of period could i be pregnant

brown discharge instead of period could i be pregnant

brown discharge instead of period could i be pregnant

go site brown discharge instead of period could i be pregnant

watch brown discharge instead of period could I be pregnant

go There are lots of females they have brown discharge instead of the period and first question in their mind that could I be pregnant. few women discuss their issue with our team one of them says that they are trying to get pregnant from few mounts but she gets her periods but now she was supposed to get her periods but she notice some light brown spotting instead of her periods and she says that its first time that she notice this light brown discharge she didn’t have that in her first pregnancy and now she is wondering that is it implantation bleeding ? Related: Black Discharge from Vagina – CAUSES Symptoms and Treatments

click one other female also has the same issue she says that they are also trying to conceive for to three months and in last month, they did everything right for conceive but when she woke up on her period day she notices some brown discharge. and she notices that brown discharge for around 3 days, I thought it might be implantation bleeding. I wait for few more days and then I did the pregnancy test but results are negative.

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here In the answer to above question, one of our client response and she explain this with her own experience. she says that she was first days of her last periods was 6-12-16 and her next expected date of her periods is around 7-14-16 and she has 34 to 36 days cycle.

get link Related: Brown Discharge Before Period 10 Main Causes She did some pregnancy test but the result of that was negative. Then did again pregnancy test after 2 days but again results are negative and then she starts some brown vaginal discharge which is usually a precursor to her periods.
But she didn’t have cramps which are normally come with that.
She notices that drown discharge with no periods and no cramps for next few days and she decides to buy a new pregnancy test kit from the market and this time she gets the positive pregnancy test. This time when she changes pregnancy kit brand she got positive results

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One female response to this question she says that she has the same problem of brown discharge. she has brown spotting form three days before her expected periods for like a week. and she took her pregnancy test after five days on Aug 20-17 and she got negative results of the pregnancy test. And she notices that her discharge is not fully brown. Then she waits for more 6 days and then she tests again her pregnancy but this time she is happy because she gets positive pregnancy test results.

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minomycin price The time when female got their first periods she probably notices some leukorrhea, in other words, show maybe notice some white or clear vaginal discharge and you will notice this for many days in your undergarments.
Healthy vaginal discharge in many colors but when if you notice brown discharge its time to concerning if you are not expecting your periods and try to become pregnant.

Implantation Bleeding Causes for Brown Discharge could i be pregnant

t prednisolone 5 mg Implantation Bleeding Causes for Brown Discharge could I be pregnant

Why is brown discharge instead of period?

Many females they have some brown discharge instead of periods once in complete their life. Blood or some brown discharge is normal for periods. Female may have some red blood discharge in their periods some female have brown discharge in their periods. Brown discharge is common at the then of women menstrual cycle.You will notice some red color discharge in the start days of your periods. and this red blood discharge is because of the uterine lining being shed and expelled. so the color of discharge is red because the blood is new.
When Some blood remains in the vagina its gets old and discolored. so when this old blood discharge from vagina it color is change and look like brown discharge.
So it’s normal if you notice these some brown discharge at the end of your period.

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Causes for Brown Discharge instead of period

Late Period cause of Brown Discharge instead of period

it’s possible that you’ll have still your period even you notice that there is some brown vaginal discharge.
Some female have the late periods issue and if you are one of them then at this stage your body start expelling any uterine tissue and these are leftover from your last period.

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Implantation Bleeding Causes for Brown Discharge could i be pregnant

if you are trying to get pregnant and you and your partner did some unprotected and you notice some brown discharge and if all these questions answers are yes then there is a change that you are pregnant and you have to do some pregnancy test.

Implantation bleeding is one the cause of brown discharge. and its mean you are pregnant. it’s time to be happy
but remember that one of three women’s have these type if implantation bleeding.